Ideas for FREE or Cheap Activities with Family & Friends

Social pressure can be a killer of our financial plan/budget! We get invited out to eat, to concerts and shopping with friends and family. If we’re not careful the cost of social activities can throw us off our financial plan and eventually sabotage our dreams, especially if we’re trying to get out of debt! Sometimes we can feel like we can’t do anything when we’re paying off debt, but the truth is we still have a lot of good choices to enjoy ourselves!

Here’s some FREE and cheap ideas for fun meaningful things that won’t break the bank!

Visit a park together. Take a cooler of food you prepared at home along with yard games to play at the park. Take things you already own like a kite. Invite friends and family to bring things they own to share and play with.

Yard Games & Tea. Invite friends and family to play yard games at your home like frisbee or bocce ball. Serve a nice platter of iced tea in a pitcher with cups. Add snacks that won’t break the bank like chips and salsa!

Take a Walk or Hike – Scout out hiking spots and hike or walk together.

Go fishing. After you obtain your fishing license it doesn’t cost a thing as long as you locate a free fishing spot and you might even luck out and bring home dinner!

Play Board Games. Have a board game event in your home and invite friends to bring snacks. If you’re hosting they’re most likely happy to bring some food to share.

Visit the Library. Local libraries have all kinds of fun free events for all ages. Look up what your local library is offering and invite friends and family.

Host a Potluck Gathering – Host a potluck night gathering and the expense is minimal.

Volunteer together for a cause you share in common.

Have a campfire night and invite everyone to bring ingredients for s’mores or hot dogs. Sing songs.

Attend a little league game and visit with your friend as you watch.

Set up a photo shoot and take pics together in different locations.

Create a scavenger hunt for your friends and family to do together or in competing groups.

Look for free events in your location like concerts in the park, parades, fireworks, church events, etc…

Cook meals together and learn your friend’s favorite recipe.

Go swimming at a free location like a lake or the beach.

Listen to a podcast on a topic that interests you or that you want to learn more about.

Get together and do meal prep for the coming week.

Find free museums and visit.

Watch birds. See how many you can identify and learn about them.

Do a random act of kindness. Kindness is FREE and our world need a lot more of it!

Set a blanket outside and watch the stars and talk on a clear night. Find the constellations you can see.

Host a Movie Night. Watch a movie at home and make popcorn.

Workout together. This can be in a gym you’re already a member of or getting together in each other’s homes or public places to workout.

Draw or make something together. Create artwork like a sculpture from random things you have and see what the end result is! It might be a good laugh or something you’ll really enjoy for years to come.

Set up a Zoom social gathering with friends all over the world and chat together. You can even choose a topic to get conversation started.

Paint your nails together in a pretty location.

Find a good spot and people watch.

Host a video game competition.

Set up a play date with your pets.

Create and host a book club. Invite friends and family to read the same book and gather together to talk about it.

Our imagination is the limit when it comes to social activities! We can make great progress financially by replacing expensive activities with free ones.

Ready to make great financial progress and set yourself on the best path for you? Sign up for financial coaching and experience peace in your finances!

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