Discipline and Your Money

“Discipline is choosing between what you want now and what you want most.” -Abraham Lincoln

What do you want? This question certainly needs a context for us to answer. What I want right now and what I want most in life are two separate things. What I want right now is probably impulsive like some form of immediate gratification like the guilty pleasure of a sweet treat. What I want most is a much deeper question. These life questions are super important if we want to make what we want most actually happen. There are steps involved in lifelong, meaningful goals. If we sit back and just let things happen we probably will wake up one day wondering how we got where we are because we certainly weren’t planning on where we arrived! Nobody plans on being poor, but our everyday decisions decide whether we are poor or not.

When I’m able to pinpoint where I want to be 20 years from now financially, I have the power to make the first steps towards meeting that goal happen. I choose where every dime I make goes. If I want something badly enough I’m willing to sacrifice to get it. I might have to save for years to get there but if I really want it I’ll do it. If those things don’t really matter to me I might choose to live in the moment all the time and spend everything I have. The choice is mine.

We have more control over our money than we think. Just like we organize our home and our calendars because it brings a feeling of peace, we can have that same peace in our finances. The TV show Hoarders is a hit for a reason. We cannot believe anyone would live like that yet many of us make just as much of a mess with our finances and think nothing of it. Debt can be hoarded too! A little effort and some thoughtfulness about what you want in your life can go a long way with how you choose to manage the resources you have. There’s more choices out there than you might think if you feel like you’re stuck.

Most of us can really benefit from talking with someone and planning our financial future to be certain we’ll be ok. We can even plan to be much more than just OK if we choose to! We can make things happen!

Some simple strategies that can pay off are:

  • Investing a certain amount monthly an guarantee you’ll be a millionaire when you retire! This doesn’t require as much as you might think!
  • Living small now so you can live better later when you’re older.
  • Choosing to live by the motto, “Less is more.” This one emphasizes things that really matter over stuff.
  • Stop listening to our culture that says you are what you have. Refuse to root your identity in the material things you own.

Let’s chat and get you on track to meet your goals today!

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