Help! I Don’t Understand My Benefits at Work!

I’ve talked to so many people who say when they’re talking about their benefits package at work they feel like they’re speaking another language and feel clueless about what choices to make! Yikes! From Health Savings Accounts to the many extra options like Cancer and Accident insurance, things can feel overwhelming! Everyone’s situation is different and that’s why there’s sometimes many options to choose when it comes to your benefits at work. Understanding your benefits can bring peace of mind knowing you chose what you think is best for you.

Most companies offer health insurance and retirement savings plans to their full time employees. These are probably the two most important ones to understand first. After these big ones you have things like short and long term disability, health savings accounts, life insurance, dental, vision, employee discounts and the list can go on and on.

A call with a finance coach can help you understand your benefits and give you the confidence you need to make the right choices for yourself with your benefits. This boosts your financial intelligence and brings you peace of mind. Click the blue button below to set up a free consultation!

You’ll also learn things like recommendations for you. For example, saving 10% in your retirement account is the standard rule of thumb. Your workplace probably contributes something on your behalf for free. Generally this will not be enough for you in retirement. Simply asking your workplace to raise it to 10% is an excellent move and it won’t feel like much because the money you send out of your paycheck is pre-taxed. A finance coach can also go into details with you about your retirement savings and how much you’ll need to take care of yourself later in life. There’s also other financial goals to consider that will help you in retirement as well. We’re happy to help you get on track with your benefits at work! Let’s talk benefits!

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