Extreme Tips to Pay off Debt

Sick and tired of debt payments that are choking you and robbing you with interest? Is it time to use extreme measures to remove the debt noose from around your neck? It’s time for action! Extreme action will make the most progress and get you out of debt faster. You can develop an intense plan and get out of debt as fast as you can! Schedule a free consultation with a financial coach using the blue button at the bottom and get inspired to make great progress. Progress feels so good! You deserve financial freedom! Chase it like there’s no other goal in life and make it happen. Here’s some tips and ideas you might want to use to help you make faster progress towards financial freedom:

Sell your car and drive a cheaper, older one. Despite what our culture tells us, WE ARE NOT WHAT WE DRIVE! I’m the same person whether I’m driving a hot sports car or an old clunker. Refuse to define yourself by the vehicle you drive. Maybe you have a hot car with a large payment that you can sell and pay off your debt and eliminate that payment altogether?

Move to a cheaper place to live. It’s totally FINE to relocate to a cheaper space so you can have more money to pay off debt. Is your house too big for your wallet? That can be so stressful! Could you live in a studio apartment for awhile until you pay off your debts?

Get a second and third job on top of your full-time job. You can do this for a season but it’s not feasible long-term as we can only do so much. We’re not worth much if we burn out. Anyone can work several jobs for a season like 6 months to a year! This can payoff very well for you if you take all that income and apply it to your debt! This can give you amazing results.

Work side gigs like crazy. Offer to do anything! Babysit, pet sit, clean houses, deliver food, offer to do people’s laundry, yard work, and this list can get as creative as you want it to be! Even a $20 job you did is $20 towards paying off debt and you’re no longer paying interest on that $20 you owed. Every little bit counts and makes progress. An added bonus is if you’re working a lot you won’t have time to spend on unnecessary things and you can use the money you didn’t spend to get out of debt. There’s more money in your budget than you think there is if you take a look at it.

Stop eating out, cook and prepare meals at home. Many people can free up $400 a month by doing this! Apply that $400 to your debts! Join a social media group that posts cheap recipes. Research meals online. Most of your favorite restaurant meals have a knockoff recipe online somewhere.

Stop going to coffee shops and make your own at work and home. If you’ve got a soft spot for coffee do a little research online about how to make your own at home. This takes little time and effort and can taste just as good. Drink it in your favorite mug and in your favorite space so it feels just as special. You won’t be missing out on a thing! Your wallet will thank you and you can apply what you didn’t spend on your debts!

Stop buying things at convenience stores. Plan ahead for what you’ll need in your week and buy drinks and snacks at grocery stores. Your body will thank you because what you choose will more than likely be healthier than what you’d pick up in a convenience store. Keep snacks and drinks somewhere at your workplace so you have them when you need them. This can save a LOT each month if you’re a sucker for convenience stores.

Delete apps and subscriptions and add apps that make you money. OR, get super extreme and for a season go without? If you’re working more than usual to pay off debt you won’t have time for these apps anyhow, so you probably won’t even miss them. Another idea is you can even replace the apps with an app that you can use to make money for an extra win like food delivery apps, pet sitting apps and laundry service apps!

Barter! If you need something, try to borrow it from a friend and offer them something in return. For example, if your lawn mower breaks, instead of buying another, borrow from your neighbors and do something for them in return. Most neighbors would probably lend it to you for free. Have a conversation about what you could do for them in exchange for borrowing their lawn mover a few times per month to sustain you longer term while you pay off debts.

Sell things! Most people have too much clutter in their lives, so selling things that are cluttering up your home that you can do without can be a great thing to do! We have less stress when we have less things. Less can be more! The simple life can be much more satisfying especially when you’re in a season of paying off debt.

Wear what you have. Most of us have enough in our closets to not NEED anything for at least a year. Freeze your spending on clothing and accessories. If you need something, try to find it second hand in a thrift store or online from used sellers. You can also sell the clothing you’re not wearing. It’s just cluttering up your life and can be used better by someone else.

Get creative! The sky is the limit!

Sometimes just talking things over with a finance coach can open up windows of opportunities in your life. Let’s set the course together! You can do this! Schedule your free consultation with us today.

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